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Below are unsolicited, actual emails I've copy/pasted here exactly as I've received them from customers once they've received their refinished gunstock. 

Customers hail from all over America and Canada. A few have their refinished stocks now on actual safari in Africa. Others are keeping family keepsakes on display above home fireplaces, warming hearts in memory of times spent, usually afield, with loved ones of long ago . . .


Hi, John.  I received the stock this morning. In my life time not too many things impress me any more. The magic you worked on my stock is one of those rare things. The stock looks fantastic, words escape me. Thanks for the business cards I will sing your praises to my friends. Hopefully it will generate you some more business. Have a super day.



You’re a miracle worker.  I received my old Model 70 stock back and couldn’t believe the transformation.  I wish I had taken pictures before sending the stock to you.  I suspected the underlying wood and grain was good, but it’s absolutely stunning.  Thanks for a great job.


John, With the condition this butt stock was in, I was expecting a decent refinishing, but this is absolutely remarkable! I immediately thought that there is NO way this is the same stock, but the name carved on the inside and the date stamp on the end proves that it is the same stock. I have absolutely no idea how you were able to pull this off? To say that I am stunned, is an understatement! I am very happy and pleased with the work you have done. I am also humbled and blessed, that there are still people in this world, that do what they say they can and deliver on their word. You my Friend, are without a doubt, absolutely amazing!! Thank you very much!!  

On a side note, please let me know if you have time to work on the “plastic” stocks on the Browning Citori Feather XS, as I would be greatly appreciative, if they came out halve as good as these? Thank you again John!


Hey John

Got the stock today,100% better than it was when it was new.I appreciate your hard work! Thanks again,


John, received my gun stock today, I must say it turned out everything I was looking for. You removed all the nicks dings and scratches and put a beautiful hand rub finish on it. Thank you for all your hard work!


John , came home today from a long motorcycle ride and the package was on the porch. The stock is fantastic. I love the way it came out. The grain on the wood looks amazing. I really like the finish. Thank you for your fine work. You are truly  an artist. With the new stock I now have a beautiful little 20 gauge over and under. Can't wait to get it in the field and show it off. I will be contacting you again for some work on an older Browning shotgun that was my fathers. It has years of wear and a refinished stock would bring it back to life. Again, thank you for your fine work.

Hi John,

Received my stock yesterday, and I am so happy with it. It is more beautiful than I ever expected.

Could you please let me know how to care for it.




I just got home from some business travel and found my gun stock pieces.

I can't begin to tell you how extremely pleased I am!  The work has exceeded my expectations!  I never knew that the original stock had such nice grain.  Your brought out the beauty of that wood far beyond what they did at the Beretta factory.  And your color match with the other stock is perfect!

In my opinion, you have significantly increased the value of this gun.  Even if it had the original finish with no scratches, your finish raises the appeal and value of this gun without any question.

Stay healthy so I can count on you for future refinishing.

Right now I am trying to locate a replacement stock and forearm for an old single shot that my grandfather gave me (my first shotgun).  If I can locate one, it will come your direction for a finish.

Best Regards,


ot the stock back today and already have it together.  Now it looks like the expensive rifle it is!  You did a wonderful job and I'm well pleased with the result.  It looks better than the original finish by far.  Thank for your labor and attention to detail. Only bad part was my wife thought I'd bought another new gun and I had to explain
that I was investing in keeping the present ones in good shape. :-P  That said, she even liked it herself.

Great job!

Fond regards,


I just wanted to let you know that the stocks arrived safely yesterday. I was a little anxious sending you them without seeing your actual work. But I have to tell you I'm glad I took the chance, the stocks are absolutely beautiful!! I love how you brought out the natural colors and the satin finish. Thank you so much for advising me on the finish, and more importantly your professionalism and workmanship.

 Have a great weekend,


 John the stock arrived today. I have to say that you did an awsome job. as soon as I got home I put it all back together, she looks like a million dollars. I plan on giving it to my 5 year old grandson someday. Again John thanks so much for the great work you did. Also thanks for sending some buisness cards. David K.



The only problem I see is that you did not charge enough! Those are the most gorgeous pieces of wood I have ever seen, outstanding job. After my wife saw them she wants to mount the rifles over the fire place. As soon as I get them together they are going to the range.


Thank you very, very much for creating works of art.


Best and Warmest Regards,

Dan & Suzy I.

John , I just got home from work and it was on my door step. Beautiful outstanding work thank you so much. 

Thanks again.   Frank

Hi John,

Just wanted to let you know I received the stock today and it’s absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you for the fine workmanship!  I have an M1 Garand stock that is need of some work.  I will be in touch when I’m ready to start my Garand build.
Thank you again.

Best Regards,


Hi John:

I just received the pair and could not be more pleased. Absolutely gorgeous! Especially the .28. The finish really highlights the grain and color in the walnut.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,


PS-Good job on the .410 fore-end chips repair!

John just received feels like Christmas both look great exactly what I was looking a pleasure doing business with you always nice in this day and age to get quality work and great customer service take care.

Wonderful job, John! I appreciate your work and exceptional communication.


Hi John,

The bee U tee full stock just got here and I am a HAPPY GUY,  Thank You.

Great Work.



John I got the package today.  Already reassembled and the rifle looks great.  I couldn't be happier.  Thanks for you craftsmanship and attention to detail.   It was great corresponding with you and if I every have a need like this you'll be my first call.   Feel free to give anyone who may have questions my contact info.   I would be proud to tell them about my experience.

Thanks again and take care.


The stock arrived safely. The finish is beautiful... your work is outstanding! Thank you for the professionalism and excellent communication.




Thank you so much for your hard work on my 2 Remington model 721 rifles.  The original lack luster 1940's factory finish on these walnut stocks remained much to be desired, they were dull and uninteresting.  I knew these rifles would be in good hands based on my first conversation with you.  The results are truly amazing!  The grain on the stocks now equal that of expensive custom firearms. To feel the grain with my hands gives these rifles a life of their own. These old warhorses will accompany me to Africa in February, where they will be called up for service on a plains game hunt.  I want to tell you, It is refreshing to see that there are true and honest craftsmen like yourself still around in this day and age. Like times of old, the entire project was completed on a verbal handshake and a man's promise.  I cannot thank you enough.



The refinishing turned out beautifully. I'm very pleased. I can tell the patience and care you put into it.
God bless!

Hello, John.
It's unbelievable. I can't believe it's the same stock! Thank you for all your hard work in making the transformation. If you ever need a reference, just contact me.

I received my stock and forearm today and just put it back on my Browning.  You did an excellent job on refinishing it. I'm glad that I took your recommendation to add a touch of color to it. The contrasting grains in the walnut really pop. It's so much richer looking than the high gloss, almost plastic look that came from the factory when my father purchased it in 1968. I'll enjoy hunting with it for a few more years and then ​be proud to pass it on down to my son.

Hello John, Just go back home and the grips were on the front porch waiting for me. Im so happy with them, I like the classic look they have. You are a true craftsman. Thank you so much. --- Brad T.

John, the Remington stock arrived Monday, and I must say that it is even nicer than in the picture you sent.  It really looks nice!  Enclosed are 3 pictures of the stock mounted on my deer gun. Again, my thanks for a job well done! --- Bob H.

John the stock looks great. How do I touch up scratches in the future?  Can I steel wool, apply finish then polish?? --- Charley T.  (I got back to Charley with some guidance concerning future scratches.)

Got the stock today. Outstanding work! I'm very happy with it.
I would like to send you another stock if you're not too busy. It's a Monte Carlo style for a '03 Springfield. Once again, it's a raw stock that's been inletted and rough sanded (a little rougher than the last stock). Let
me know if you can do this one
. --- Eugene R. (I responded to Eugene and did a second stock for him- see next.)

Received the stock last night, and all I can say is WOW! Beautiful work. You are truly a master of your craft. I will get in touch with you when I get ready to do the next stock.--- Eugene R.

It's beautiful.... Thanks for the great job..!!

Hi John,
I got my stock back today and it is absolutely beautiful.  You did a fantastic job and I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much for your very fine work. When I get everything put back together it is going to look like a new rifle.

If I ever pick up another rifle with a stock that needs to be refinished you will be the first person I call.
Yours truly, 

John the stock looks great!!!  Thank you I will use you again and I will pass along your name at the club.

John, she just arrived and looks beautiful.  Can't wait to reassemble the rifle tomorrow.  You did a terrific job.  Thank you!  Best, John 

John, it came out gorgeous just as I had hoped !!  Here's a before and after for you, thanks again !

John, just got the stock, it looks great, exactly what I wanted. thanks again for the great service. Enclosed is my 7mm I have two nice looking rifles,  CR

Hi John, got  the stock, looks great, nice job! will be putting it back together today, be in touch with for the next job in the near future, thanks,   Terry

Hi John,  I received the stock today and wow, does it ever look great!  You are a true artist.  I can't wait to put the rifle back together to see how it looks with the full package.  Thank you so much for your excellent work.  Rest assured that I will be recommending you to friends. 

Good Morning John,
Received the stock yesterday.  Looks fantastic.  Thank You!


Just got back from hunting camp and found a package at my back door.  Figured it might be a late birthday present from my son, but NOOOOO......  The stock is beautiful!!!!!!   I just got the rifle back together and took a few pictures, which I'm including.  I'm very happy with the finished product and can't wait to check the zero and get into the woods with it.

Thank you for providing a great service and I'm certain this rifle will be cherished in the family for many generations.

Hi John,
Just got the stock today. Man you are a CRAFTSMAN! She looks so good. The grain shows through so nice and such a sweet color.
Anybody at my gun club says they need woodwork on their rifles I will surely send them your way.

Thanks John!