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Gunstock Refinishing Specialty Services

Removing Gloss And Plastic Finishes

At the factory, many manufacturers often spray the super-shiny (or sometimes very dull) finish over what’s usually fine walnut underneath. Shiny or dull, in effect this makes gorgeous, natural wood look like plastic! I replace all that synthetic look with a hand-rubbed, not sprayed, natural satin / semi-gloss appearance that makes wood look finely finished with a natural patina. 

Antique and older Firearm Restoration

Antique and older Military (American & foreign) / family heirlooms are some of the most satisfying of refinishing projects. Almost always, this is because of the associated personal / emotional connection to these objects and the history and often intimate connection they provide.

Handgun Grip Repair

Renewing handgun grips does restorative wonders for all sorts of revolver or semi-auto pistol grip sets! S&W and Colt are the most usual restored, but anything “wood” can be dramatically renewed. Scratches, dings, etc. are removed, the checkering is hyper-cleaned (made more crisp and sharp in appearance), and the overall finish, frankly, exceeds the quality and beauty of whatever originally came from the factory. 

Fixing Mistakes

Correcting mistakes made by others is a big chunk of what I do. Check out my note about

DIY Gunstock Refinishing. Most all unattractive, prior refinishing errors can be completely reversed. Send ‘er on down–  I’ll prove it.

Recoil Pad Replacement

Only on stocks being refinished. 

I can supply the new pad, but prefer you getting and sending along with the stock.

Reason: You get to pick COLOR, STYLE and especially SIZE so you’ll know exactly what the LOP (length of pull) will be before you send the stock. 

Length of Pull Adjustments

LOP [Length-Of-Pull] adjustments (only on stocks being refinished) can be effected in some instances. Please consult in detail only.

The Promise on Gunstocks I Refinish

Unless the gunstock refinishing job I send you sits in your gun cabinet, “on view” only, it will get scratched or nicked, somehow, someway, practically guaranteed. If you attempt touch-ups at home, without the correct finishing ingredients and procedure, results are usually marginal at best, and often look worse than the original damage.

I can get you around that dilemma. One of the major advantages of my blend of finishes is you can touch up minor scratches, at home, if you have the correct blend and a little guidance I’m glad to provide.

Should your gunstock, that has originally gone through my refinishing/restoration process become scratched, contact me. I’ll help you through. More serious repair needs, of course, would be addressed on a per situation basis.

Factory vs Custom Gunstock Finishes

Most gunstocks are walnut, an inherently beautiful wood, regardless of having fancy grain and patterning or not. What a shame to have natural beauty covered over by filmy, plasticized factory finishes! Once we get the old factory finish off and the wood properly prepared, a professionally applied finish, using the best finishing blends available, always brings to life the inherent beauty previously obscured by factory finishes.


Here’s why:


  • Factory finishing means: a surface layer of urethane, epoxy, or other topcoat applied on the wood surface.
  • Factory finishes are designed to be durable, but still scratch easily and are very difficult to repair. The gun owner must live with the flaws or attempt repairs that almost always look like a patch job because matching the surrounding finish is nearly impossible.
  • In factory production, time is money, necessitating a fast production finish, which all too often results in a generically glossy (cheap) sheen and relatively lifeless rendition of the wood’s inherent beauty. These finishes often look fake, with sort of a ‘plastic’ appearance.
  • Hand-rubbed oil-blend finish means: stripping away the factory finish entirely and applying a proven blend of oils, dryers, and hardeners that penetrate deep into wood fibers, not just lying on the surface. I use the best blend money can buy.
  • The result, deep, lustrous, satin, or semi-gloss sheen. Not the factory high gloss that looks like plastic.
  • Waterproof. In a word, beautiful. Reveals maximum grain and wood pattern.
  • Permanently clear, non-yellowing, and without a noticeable cloudy surface film so common in factory finishes, especially as they age.
  • Durable. The wood is sealed against moisture and has a hard-wearing exterior, a finish totally field-worthy.

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