How Much Does It Cost To Refinish A Gun Stock?


How Pricing is Established:

Once I get your initial email (refer to Contact page), along with the basics on your firearm, I’ll be able to give you a price on refinishing.  Emailing me a few digital photos of the gunstock, showing its flaws, sometimes helps in determining the labor involved. Photos aren’t usually needed, but sometimes “picture worth 1000 words”.

Current Refinishing Pricing for most gunstocks:

$385 – 445 for most stocks. The amount depends on variables such as type of wood; ease/difficulty of old finish removal; extent and location of dents, gouges, scratches; coats required, etc.

Pricing includes:
  • Remove the entire old finish from stock and checkering (if applicable). Remove minor dents and scratches.
  • Seal and refinish entire stock with highest quality oil-blend; hand-done from start to finish.
Optional Considerations:

HYPER-clean the checkering: add $45.

This process is well worth doing if the checkering is in good shape (no crushed diamonds), but lacks a crisp look because of nearly invisible gunk deep in the checkering cuts.

On checkered stocks, removal of the old finish from the checkering is standard. Many times, however, hand grease and general gunk buildup from years of use are deeply ingrained between the little diamonds of the checkering, making the checkering appear dull, sort of flat.

Although finish removal takes off the thin layer of the old finish in the checkering, this gunk is often so impacted in tiny crevices not well sealed by the finish, a lot of it doesn’t come out with the finish removal.

Hyper-cleaning is a hand cleaning, deep between all the diamonds. Hyper-cleaning gives restored height appearance to the diamonds by getting the originally cut grooves truly clean, making the checkering ‘crisp’, looking nearly as good as labor-intense repointing, at a fraction of the cost (see below for info on repointing).

Repoint checkering: to discuss…

I don’t recommend repointing in most cases, preferring to discuss on an individual basis.

Let’s talk.

If at all possible, I recommend Hyper-cleaning instead of repointing. Often that’s just enough to give new vitality to old, gunked-up checkering. And is much cheaper!

I don’t do initial checkering from scratch.

Tough issues:

Note: “Tough Issues” can add to the price, depending on the extent of the damage.

  • Repair deep dents and scratches, gouges, chips, cracks.
  • Remove gun oil in the wood.

See Refinishing Process page, Tough Issues paragraph, especially noting some deep repairs may result in being visible

Payment not required upfront. I notify you to send payment when gunstock refinishing is nearly complete.

                                                            “The price is forgotten long after the quality remains.”