Questions & Answers

Is creating a gorgeous wood gun stock worth my investment?

If you’ve come as far as this website, probably it is. Customers refinish for various reasons, but usually to both eliminate wear & tear, and to simply own the hand-rubbed oil finish found on very upscale firearms they’ve only read about.


Many customers are providing restoration to their gun’s stock for very personal reasons such as family heirlooms, keepsakes and a host of reasons that touch on personal sentiment. What a great thing to do in an age where heritage and nostalgic remembrances are being replaced by a cheap, throw-away world view.

I want to refinish but am leery of shipping my stock?

I don’t blame you. The key is to well pack, then ship via USPS, UPS, or Fed-Ex. Today’s computer tracking is so sophisticated, incidents of loss or damage are extremely rare. I’ve never seen one.  

Do I ship you the entire gun or just the gunstock?

Not the entire firearm, as it’s not needed. Nor am I an FFL dealer. Wood refinishing is my only pursuit. Based on your firearm, I’ll discuss with you what to ship. Usually, all I want you to ship is the wooden stock. Note: My shipping address will be sent to you via a separate email.

(Please see Shipping & Payment page for more packing and shipping info.)

Why is there no phone number or shipping address on your website?

Abuse!! Because telemarketers, spammers and other fraudulent sources abuse phone and email continually. This is why the initial contact I receive from customers goes through the secured website and not to a personal email. Once you initially contact me via this site’s Contact Page, you’ll supply your email there. Then I’ll get back to you providing my contact info, shipping info and shipping address–  everything you’ll need. Our communication will be established. 

Do you accept credit cards?

Credit cards are not accepted due to their high rates (means charging you more), and complexity of dealing with credit card companies. Credit card abuses are also avoided. 

When and how do I make payment?

Once stock restoration is nearly complete, I’ll notify you to send payment. No payment upfront required. Our business relationship is one built on trust and commitment to one another. Personal or bank checks are acceptable, as is a US Post Office money order. 

How quickly will you return my finished stock?

I operate on a first in/first out basis with turnaround “averaging” 2-6 weeks. Professional refinishing involves small chunks of many days. Prep, multiple coat applications, drying, sanding, curing, final finishing– all this demands weeks for completion, not days. Please see the Gun Stock Refinishing Process page on this site for more detailed info. Refinishing & restoration of your gunstock isn’t immediate, but the results are worth it…

Will I see any imperfections in the refinished stock?

It depends on how “imperfect” the stock is when received.  Also, on the Before and After page I show before-and-after photos of a stock that came to me scratched to smithereens! Fortunately the scratches and dents weren’t so deep they couldn’t be eliminated. The finished product turned out virtually perfect. We’ll be certain to discuss any “Tough Issues” prior to starting the job.

(Please see the Gun Stock Refinishing Process  page- “Tough  Refinishing Issues”.)

Suppose I scratch or ding my gorgeous ‘new’ stock later on. How would it get repaired?

This is one of the added benefits of a hand-rubbed, oil-blend finish. Because the finish is deep in the wood, not on top, repair is considerably easier than on factory finishes which are nearly impossible for the home handyman to undertake. I’m happy to guide you for handling future light scratch repairs you can do yourself.

Contact me for info on how-to. Be sure to see the Home Page on this website, the “Customer Repair Promise”. In short, contact me. 

I hunt with this beauty! Is it waterproof?

Yes. This means the entire finished outside of the stock is impervious to water. I don’t refinish the bedding or action inside areas of the wood, however, unless requested, but am happy to do so if the gun is to be subjected to outdoor conditions. I strive to leave totally unchanged any bedding or tight-fit receiver areas. In other words, wood is not removed.