Shipping and Payment

The Business Process page will describe an overall look at the sequence of gunstock refinishing from first to last. Note: Shipping address will be sent to you via a separate email.

This page addresses shipping companies I’ve found highly reliable, what and what not to ship to me in terms of your stock, packing ideas, and payment terms.

Nervous About Shipping?

The key is to well pack, then ship via USPS, UPS, or Fed-Ex. Today’s computer tracking numbers are so sophisticated, incidents of loss are extremely rare.

Prepare Stock for Shipping

• Gunstock only: All I need from you is the wooden stock. Do not ship an entire gun. I’m not an FFL dealer, nor do I need the rest of the gun to accomplish gunstock refinishing.


• Butt plate, etc.: Before shipping the stock, most customers remove the butt plate, trigger guard, sling swivel holders, metal forearm stock attachment mechanism (on 2- piece shotgun gunstocks), etc. If you feel uncomfortable in such removal, I’ll be happy to do so for you.



Wrapping the wood itself: If available, first wrap the wooden stock in an old towel or some other really soft fabric. I’ll wrap the finished stock in it when returning to you.  Reason: When I ship back to you, I like to wrap the refinished wood in soft fabric as opposed to plastic or hard paper wrapping. Although the finish is plenty cured at that point for handling, it continues to cure (harden) for some time thereafter, up to 2-3 months for total cure. Maximizing care during shipping, therefore, is added insurance no abrading can occur. 

Second, wrap the toweled-up stock preferably in bubble wrap– the more the better.

Outer shipping carton: Please use a strong outer carton big enough to allow for ample bubble wrap or other padding material around the wrapped stock. Bubble wrap seems to offer the best protection. A small roll can be gotten cheaply at WalMart’s office supply section, or at Staples, Office Max. Seal carton with strong shipping tape.

For long gunstocks (rifles), as opposed to 2- piece shotgun stocks, if you don’t have a suitable long shipper, the UPS Store sells a 6″ x 6″ x maybe 36″ sturdy shipper that’s well sized for just this purpose.


Ship to me via USPS, UPS, or Fed-Ex. Please notify me when you ship so I’ll know to be extra vigilant for its arrival.


Payment is not needed until the job is complete. I’ll notify you to send payment when gunstock refinishing is nearly complete. Feel free to email me anytime for a status report. If there are any issues or special comments on my end during restoration, I’ll email you. 


Upon receipt of funds, your refinished gunstock is quickly returned for you to enjoy.