Business Process

Refinishing of your gunstock should be an easy and pleasurable experience. For business between us to flow seamlessly, I’ve found the following general sequence to work well.
  1. First, using the contact page form, email me noting the make and model of your firearm, the current general condition of your stock, and briefly what you’d like done. Please be sure to include a phone number, as sometimes “cyberspace” throws a curve and emails don’t get through.
  2. I’ll then email back or call you to discuss any further specifics of the gunstock’s current condition. Photos of your stock, emailed to me, though not always necessary, do help me connect visually with your stock’s condition. I’ll also provide a separate off-site email for all future correspondence between us. (I need to approach communication this way to deter spammers and other nuisance parties.)
  3. Finally, all I need from you is a determination of whether you lean toward gloss or satin finish. See the refinishing process page for more finish information.
  4. You then ship the stock to me and stock restoration will begin! (See Shipping & Payment page for shipping instructions.) Note: The shipping address will be sent to you via a separate email.
  5. I then craft your gunstock refinishing process and notify you when near completion.
  6. Submission of payment is at the end. Refer to Shipping & Payment page.
  7. Finally, I ship your restored gunstock for you to enjoy! (See Personal Note page.)